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Dan Kennedy - 4X Customer Value AcceleratorDan Kennedy – 4X Customer Value Accelerator

Module #1: The Powerful Influence of Disney and Key Principles

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4x Customer Value Accelerator: Module #14

Why You Must Go to Disney ..4

The Power of the MagicBand..5

Getting People to Spend More6

My Disney Influence ..9

Applying the Disney Principles.11

Defies Price Limits..13

Eliminated Line Between Shopping & Entertainment13

Ignored Wall St. Valuations..17

Focus on “Old People” .18

Defying the Norms in Info-Marketing.20


Relationship Model ..20

Membership Model22

Currently Ignoring .23

Looking at Others26

Forget The Normal World..28


It’s now four years ago that Disney World surpassed Las Vegas in dollars per head per day. In the seminar business, we often talk about dollars per head. They surpassed

Vegas in dollars per head per day. They get more dollars per person per day out of their guests than the city of Las Vegas. Now Disney has liberalized the booze a little bit, but still, Vegas is heavily in the booze business. Vegas has gambling, which is legalized theft.

Disney does not have that. Vegas has legal prostitution just outside the boundary of the city and lots of illegal prostitution in the city, and the place with the mouse is still outdoing them in money.


If you’ve never been to Disney, the reason to go and to go without children Do not take your kids. You’ve got to go at least once a year without the kids, because you’re going to study. The kids are a big distraction. You can’t pay it proper attention if you’re worrying about the children, so you’ve got to go as an adult, and you’ve got to go with a otepad and a pen.

You’ve got to go to study, because Disney is more adept than anybody else on the planet at getting everybody to spend more than they intended, a lot more, and still be happy about it. They continue to invent more and more ways to do that.


If you haven’t been in two years, you haven’t experienced the MagicBand. The MagicBand is theoretically I don’t happen to like it, by the way, but as a Disney shareholder I get it.

The MagicBand is invented theoretically to make your guest experience infinitely better. It eliminates room keys. It is your room thing. You just wave it in front of the door and the door opens, so you don’t have a room key to worry about anymore, or to lose. It is your ticket, so you don’t have tickets, you just have this thing to get in and out.

It’s your express pass if you have an express pass. Somehow you can use it to pre-schedule stuff, and it tells you when to be there. This is beyond me, but it does.

most important thing it does is it replaces money and credit cards, and even taking out a room key, which is sort of like handling a credit card. All you do now to spend money is point the MagicBand and off you go. Some goofy people are actually putting MagicBands on their children.

I’ve watched them. You don’t even have to teach the kid how to use it, by the way. He already knows, somehow. He’s got stuff. He’s on his way. This is the same as chips. Disney modeled Vegas’s chips years ago. They created Disney money.

They would try and get you to trade in your real money for Disney Dollars, and you would have a Goofy 20 and a Mickey 10. Just like Canadian money! Well, anadians call their money “loonies.” I’ve never why you would name money It’s like naming a racehorse “Slow.”

They tried to do the chip thing as best they could. This is so much better. Nobody now thinks of the spending at all.
It also allows them to cut some employees in retail because everything now moves faster, you need less cash register people and so forth. But this is like you never think about spending. You have this stuff, you use the MagicBand and you’re on your happy way.

God knows what this is going to do to revenue. It’ll be in the annual report. You should own Disney stock, too, by the way. You should at least own a share so you get the annual report. You should do that with any company that is relevant to what it is that you do, by the way, that happens to be public.

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Within this frame that they are better at getting people to spend, and spend more than they intendedBy surveys last year, the average Disney guest says they spent four times more than they budgeted for. By the way, almost everybody who goes, goes with a budget.

They have a family agreement, which goes out the window by 10:00 in the morning on the first day. Not only are they really good at this, which is reason enough to go study them

This should be your aspiration in life, is getting your customers to spend a lot more than they ever intended at prices that are unimaginable anyplace else.We were just there, and at Magic Kingdom I had two hot dogs. To be fair, these were really good hot dogs, but two hot dogs.

They come with fries or I wouldn’t have got the fries; so two hot dogs, two fries, an iced tea, Carla had one chicken wrap thing and a Coca-Cola, and the bill was $72. By the way, the place is full, the hot dog place is full, there’s no place to sit, and there’s a line outside the door.

Anyplace else, I mean  nyplace else, the Bellagio in Vegas, if you got three hot dogs, a Coke and an iced tea and you got a bill for $72, you would go, “What theAre you people insane?”

At Disney, nobody comments. Nobody thinks about it. This is reason enough to go see the most phenomenal separator of money and people ever invented. But, within the frame, understand that Disney’s business is very close to ours.

They are more in entertainment than information, but there’s enormous overlap. For the adult more so than the child, there’s a lot of information and education elements in the Disney attractions, at least in some of them. Much of what they do is the same thing we do in order to get money, which is what we’re going to talk about here, what would Walt do with your business?

You should understand that the first thing Walt would do with your business is get a lot more money out of it than you’re getting. Walt was about that from the very beginning.

Before there was Disney World in Florida, there was a great big swamp and a bunch of empty real estate. Of course, the first thing they opened – 18 months before they ever opened anything else – was a visitors’ center so people could stop and see pictures of what was going to be there and get brochures and so forth

Dan Kennedy reveals the secret tactics Disney employs to get their customers to spend 4 times more than they budgeted for – and still be happy about it. You will get the principles that give you the power to boost the amount of money you’ll be able to put in your pocket for every customer you acquire.

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Dan Kennedy – 4X Customer Value Accelerator
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