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Flow Indicator Software Perfect for Futures Ninjatrader

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Flow Indicator Software Perfect for Futures NinjatraderFlow Indicator Software Perfect for Futures Ninjatrader

MAKE NO MISTAKE: this is not a software for the trigger-happy, not for anyone looking to make a few measly ticks per trade (if you scalp the markets then I’m sorry to be so blunt, but I feel for you!).It’s designed precisely for day traders who want to avoid losing their pants! Traders who feel a growing helplessness as one account after the other gets blown out and becomes a happy hunting ground for the brokerages who, either way, whether you win or lose, make money!
The software is meant to lessen the chances that you will be the next trading-victim.

Get Flow Indicator Software Perfect for Futures Ninjatrader at the BeeCourse

Whoever says you can’t beat the markets is wrong! DEAD WRONG!

You will take the markets for thousands and thousands of dollars! And I wouldn’t make such a bold claim if I didn’t know it was true. In fact, I intend to let you prove it to yourself. But before you see for yourself

DO NOT Go Near A Computer!

You WILL undoubtedly drain your account! However once you have the advantage over the markets with the iFlow® software, your chance of succeeding goes sky high!

My name is Inga Ronnqvist and I spent years day trading the Futures market. During that time, I’ve spoken to many traders and found there are countless “systems” they use that “claim” to help you beat the markets. I believe I saw just about all of them. But I was disappointed that none of them worked. Everyone was still losing their money. Even when I occasionally traded, I lost big time. Bottom line, as someone who spent lots of time around traders, I’ve never seen anyone win more money than chance would allow — no matter what software was being used until I got into order-flow trading!

Have you ever asked yourself what really makes the market tick? The trades that get struck at the market auction. Price can’t move without orders getting filled. With the iFlow® trading software you will finally be able to see which side is winning the fight. Now you can get in on the right side of the market.

Trading order-flow is one of the only ways you can really see inside the bars.” Buying and selling pressure are much easier to spot when it’s right there in the numbers in front of you, printing in real time. The iFlow® software makes pressure imbalances obvious and precise where range and candle patterns can be ambiguous and even misleading.

Stop using arbitrary look-back indicators. What’s so important about the close price of the last 5 periods? The last 10? That’s just ridiculous – and you know it!

See the market auction walk-forward in real time! There is no better way to get a handle on the trading action. The iFlow® software helps reveal which side is winning the battle right now as it happens. Real-time market sentiment displayed in a logical way, so you can be better prepared to make consistent winning trades.

By using the iFlow® software, you will be able to get:

  • Enhanced targets for entries & exits
  • Increased trade assurance
  • The true insight on market moves
  • The iFlow® software is fully customizable. You will be able to see the buy & sell delta. Always know how many buyers vs. sellers there are in each candle. Make the fonts appear as big or as small as you like inside each bar.You even have the option to get a sound alert when a certain amount of block order has been traded inside a candle.Use it on any bar type you like, whether it’s a 1, 2 or 5-minute bar, Renko bar, Tick or Range bar, it doesn’t matter the least. The buy & sell prints will appear inside all bar types.

If you trade futures, currencies, bonds, commodities and other markets, now is the time to step up your game by shifting to the next evolution of trading – iFlow®!

Using order flow analysis as strategic and tactical weapons to attack the market, you no longer will rely on outdated snapshot views of price movement. Simply follow the auction and trade on the right side of the bid and ask.

Today has to be the day you make the change. End more days in the green by finding out what REALLY moves the market. And just to make it perfectly clear, if you think you can get the same software somewhere else where they charge you peanuts, think twice! Places like (and many other places) offer order flow software as well, however their numbers are filtered! By using the iFlow® software, you are seeing EVERYTHING that is happening, all market participants unfiltered!

This is a real, professional-level trading software and can easily be loaded onto your Ninjatrader platform in a matter of seconds. Please note, this will NOT work on Tradestation, Metatrader or any other charting software. You will need Ninjatrader 7.

Please note: do not use Interactive Brokers data or other filtered data feeds for order flow analysis as they do not provide true order flow as it happens but only provide snapshots of the real thing! Kinetick, Continuum, CQG, Rithmic and DTN.IQ Feed are the top data providers I recommend for order flow analysis.

Get Flow Indicator Software Perfect for Futures Ninjatrader at the BeeCourse

Did you know there are companies out there that charge between $500 and $2,500 for the exact same type of software? Some even charge you $100 to $150 per month just to “rent” their order-flow software!

Now listen to me and listen to me well: Just like the markets are either oversold or overbought, so is the price I’m selling this for. At $297 it’s a steal of a deal and won’t last too long! Get it or don’t, it’s actually a litmus test that will tell you who you really are.

No Free Bonuses!!


Yes, you heard me right. I am advertising NO free bonuses. I am sure you’ve noticed that practically most trading programs for sale today offer free bonuses. “Buy our program and we’ll also give you this and this and that” So why don’t I give free bonuses? It’s simple

I Don’t Have To!

The iFlow® software can bring you big rewards without the need for worthless bonuses.

Think about it: if a system being sold actually worked, why would you need any type of bonuses? Most trading systems are written by salespeople, not traders, who are only interested in getting you to part with your hard-earned money. They offer many worthless free bonuses in an attempt to sell you their system. All they want is your money and they know that offering free bonuses can help close a sale.

What I offer is not a bunch of free bonuses, but an opportunity to buy a sound software that actually works. A software that you can learn to master and at the same time is extremely affordable. Sure, I could offer some free bonuses too, and probably even sell more of it by offering them, but I have a software that can stand alone. The extra bonuses would not make you any more successful, so why offer them?

“Better Than No Risk Guarantee”     You won’t incur any risk at all when you BID on this auction because of my “no-questions-asked,” 100% satisfaction, 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. You must be overwhelmed by the quality of the software, or I’ll be very upset.

All I ask is that you truly give it a fair shot. If for some strange reason you are not happy, just let me know and I will gladly refund you all your money.

Don’t give up the fight because you don’t have enough information. Get in on this today!!

Let’s face it. This auction wouldn’t have to be half as good to be worth bidding on and winning. Would it?

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t buy though. I understand this isn’t for everyone. And thanks for reading this far.


Get Flow Indicator Software Perfect for Futures Ninjatrader at the BeeCourse

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Flow Indicator Software Perfect for Futures Ninjatrader
Flow Indicator Software Perfect for Futures Ninjatrader


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