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Jason Lucchesi – Asset Manager Millions

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Jason Lucchesi - Asset Manager Millions

Jason Lucchesi – Asset Manager Millions

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Question #1 from Kelly B.

I didn’t see in the course a module for structuring deals for one-offs or bulk packages for performing notes/assets. Do you guys recommend we go after performing notes/assets? In my area I think I could do really with them with the discounts I could potentially receive from some of the banks I’ve contacted.

Question #2 from Scott A.

I’ve been having a tough time trying to find individuals that have money to lend on some of the deals I’m getting from banks. Do you have any recommendations on who I could use for my transactions? I don’t want to lose out on some of the deals I have been getting lately from one of my contacts.

Question #3 from Sherry M.

I’ve got a non-performing note deal I’m currently in negotiations with right now for around $24,000. My question to you is, what would be best the way go about wholesaling this note to another investor? I need some cash quick and after doing comps in the area the property is worth around $60,000 as-is.

Question #4 from Austin W.

In the beginning stages of negotiations for a one-off non-performing note (NPN) deal, what’s the best approach for trying to figure out what I could quickly sell the note or deed for? I’m pretty sure I could get the current borrower of the note to do a deed in lieu for a couple thousand bucks. Let me know your thoughts.

Question #5 from Robert T.

I’ve been having a difficult time finding comps in and around the subject area of the asset I’m looking at acquiring. If the subject property has no similar comps on either site you recommend (realtor.com and the MLS), what would be your next best option or recommendation for finding an appropriate value for the property? Thanks for the help!

Question #6 from Marco T.

If after determining that the seller of a note counters me at a price they need to have, and I have done my initial due diligence as far a value on the property, what would you guys recommend I do if I notice that the house is vacant, and that the homeowner may be tough to track down? Would you still normally go through with the purchase of the note?

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Jason Lucchesi – Asset Manager Millions
Jason Lucchesi – Asset Manager Millions


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