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Millionaire Farming ProtocolMillionaire Farming Protocol

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Anatomy of a Record Sale: Case Study

How is a record sale made? How is it possible that the same floor plan on the same street and with similar finishes can sell for two very different prices in a short period of time? How do you extract maximum equity from your buyers? That’s what future and potential home sellers want to know.

Let’s use 15584 Paseo Del Sur as our case study. We recently sold the Cassero Plan 3 model for $789,000 when it had most recently sold for $756,000. Even more notably, it was the highest sale of a Cassero model EVER, including the peak market of 2006/2007. We have identified 4 factors and one overarching theme that together lead to exceptional results. The following is a study of how they were applied to the sale of 15584 Paseo Del Sur


The theme of a massively successful home sale that dictates all future actions is that the seller must take back the power. The traditional home selling model puts all the power in the hands of the buyer.

The buyer traditionally gets to dictate terms right down to whether or not they get to have dinner in their own home on any given night that the buyer wants to peruse.

The reality is that the age old promise agents make their clients of being able to get the most the market will bear is a literal impossibility using status quo and traditional home selling methods. The following 5 factors have been identified as the difference makers in a winning strategy.


Because we understood that the first showing happens online, we knew we needed to have photography that outclassed the competition. Photography that ensured there would never be a buyer who could possibly gloss over our listing when searching online.

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Photography that is differentiated and far more interesting than what you get from the status quo. We also knew that in order to enhance the photography we needed to appropriately stage the home so that it would shine.


Pushing 15584 Paseo Del Sur out to every possible buyer in the market place was critical to be able to set a record home sale. We couldn’t afford to just lean on the MLS or online portals, as is so common.

Instead, we had to actively push the property. The only way to get that done was to employ the power of our in-house muscle.

If you have ever visited our office, you have seen a room within our suite that we refer to as the Bold Room. That is where you will find six licenced agents all prospecting and promoting our listings to every possible agent and buyer that can possibly matter.

I’m talking about literally hundreds of phone calls. Easy to say, but impossible for your traditional agent to execute. This proved to be a critical and effective step in our campaign.

Lifetime support – Download unlimited when you buy Millionaire Farming Protocol Course at BeeCourse. The market leader in online learning – Offers a variety of diverse topics: Internet Marketing, Forex & Trading, NLP & Hypnosis, SEO – Traffic,


We used a very aggressive price strategy for this home, but we did so knowing the market inside and out. We knew that despite the fact that the previous all time record sale was $756,000 for this floor plan, we could get more money for our client.

We pushed our asking price to $775,000. The price was later RAISED to $795,000. Most people would have listed closer to the last sale, but knowing the market as intimately as we do, we knew we could be more aggressive based on what the property offered vs. everything else available in that moment in time.


Knowing that we had a home that was going to win the battle of presentation, that we had ran dozens of hours prospecting the property to everybody who could possibly want to know about it and who could connect us with more people, and that we had a smart price strategy, we knew we were set up for a competitive selling environment.

In fact, we had 31 groups of buyers through the home in the first showing window that was made available. The importance of this can’t be overstated.

When you can expertly create a competitive environment for your home not only will you end up selling for more, but you also get a better buyer. A buyer that feels fortunate to have been chosen vs.one that feels entitled. Can you imagine how much that benefits a seller during the inspection and repair process?


The result was 6 offers expertlynegotiated, driving the price to a new record sale of $789,000. The seller couldn’t be happier with all of their unexpected equity and the community is thrilled to benefit from the same. The seller was able to also secure a lease back which allowed the seller to make a comfortable and leisurely move with his cash in hand

Daniel Beer’s Millionaire Farming Protocol! Choose, Launch, and Scale Your Farm using Marketing strategies and techniques few agents know about Millionaire Farming Protocol 5 Week Course. 

This is as much a farming course as it is an advanced marketing course that you can apply to all you do in business. You can take the training at your own pace, and you have access to it for LIFE.

This is the most in depth farming course available in the entire real estate industry with over 30 hours of training. What makes this course different is you don’t only get what you have to do.

You also get the how and the why from a real world rainmaker that actually does this day in and day out, just like you do.  Come with me on a step by step journey of:

  • Week 1: The Millionaire Farming Protocol – Learn to build authority and trust in your farm.  In this module we establish the foundation to a profitable farming campaign through consistency, and what are known as the Snowball Effect and the Expert Effect.
  • Week 1 Part 2: Choose, Launch, and Grow Your Farm – Learn how to most effectively choose the best farm for you, implement a launch strategy that will immediately create traction, and grow your farm to whatever scale you desire.
  • Week 3: Insider Rules to Direct Response Farming – Become the Anti-Realtor by doing things differently and create greater response and results than what typical agents experience.  This will also translate to all other areas of your marketing in your business.
  • Week 4: Learn how to use Risk Reversal strategies to preemptively overcome objections and sign more listings. Risk reversal is the preeminent strategy use by marketing wizards like Tony Robbins to build their business and now you will have them in your real estate business. This includes the Guaranteed Sale Program, Minute to Minute Listing Agreement, and Flexible Commission Structure.
  • Week 5: The Anatomy of a Mailer – I will walk you through, step by step, the EXACT mailing pieces I am using right now in our farming program. You even get the templates as a download.
  • Week 6: Competition Killing Marketing Touches – Take you farm by storm with this multi-channel approach so you can cement your place as the market leader in your farm. Think of this as the finishing move.

Get Millionaire Farming Protocol download

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Millionaire Farming Protocol
Millionaire Farming Protocol


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